Interesting information about the Vip777 sports game you may not know

Sports gaming (electronic sports) or Esports is currently exploding and developing into a recognized, legitimate industry and profession. So what is sports gaming and why is it growing so quickly? Read the article below to learn more about the Vip777 sports game!

What is the Vip 777 sports game?

The first sports game competitions were held in the US in 1972, with Space War being the game of choice. This competition became quite popular in 1980, attracting more than 10,000 spectators from the United States. When a competition is held and attracts a large audience, it also marks the beginning of the development of Esport.

What is the Vip 777 sports game
What is the Vip 777 sports game

Sports gaming (Esport) grew significantly in 1990, the year the Internet became widely available. At that time, esports was making significant strides and continuously gaining respect from participants. Games that included solo or group encounters became popular during this period. The highly competitive first-person shooter and MOBA (massively multiplayer online battle arena) games that attracted a large number of players in the 2000s are good examples of that.

In recent years, the trend of playing sports games (online video games) as if they were professional sports is known as esports or electronic sports. League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and many more are Vip777’s favorite sports titles.

Gamers involved in esports frequently participate in online competitions or competitions broadcast live to viewers. Millions of people around the world are interested in e-sports because of the thrilling details and special talents of professional players.

Gamers involved in esports regularly participate in online competitions

This helps attract a large audience of sports game enthusiasts as well as the general public. Esports is growing in popularity and has the potential to grow into a lucrative sector with plenty of room to grow.

Vip777 sports games emerged and were chosen by many gamers to compete because we provide the most stable and competitive gaming platform today. You can freely choose the games that are constantly updated and the newest on the market. In addition, Game vip777 also has:

  • The esports game interface is beautifully designed, simple and easy to operate
  • Huge and diverse game stores such as LOL, Dota 2, CSGO,…
  • High reward/refund ratio is at the top of the betting market
  • There are many promotional programs and gift codes for gamers
  • Enthusiastic 24/7 support team

Types of sports games Vip777

  1. Football game

With hundreds of millions of fans around the world, football is the king sport, so game developers pay great attention and care to the football game genre. You can fully immerse yourself in simulation matches on your phone or PC whenever you want to kill time and escape the monotony and daily fatigue. Game Vip777 provides a huge football game store with the hottest games today, such as:

Types of sports games Vip777
Types of sports games Vip777
  • eFootball PES: One of the most popular soccer games on sports game portal Vip777 is eFootball PES, once known as Pro Evolution Soccer. eFootball PES introduces players to the most thrilling experiences on the virtual football field and realistically recreates legendary football players through sharp, detailed images, connecting the sports-loving community.
  • Dream League Soccer: This is also a favorite game in the top sports games Vip777. Dream League Soccer, participants fight to advance from smaller leagues to larger leagues by assembling their team from a pool of virtual players. Through roster modifications, tactical adjustments, stadium construction, and uniform design freedom, players can create a distinct squad that reflects their personality and flair.
  • FIFA Mobile: Most football enthusiasts will get excited when they hear the term “FIFA”, which is another factor behind the game’s immense popularity. FIFA Mobile, created by EA Sports, is more than just a game; It was an emotional experience for the gaming community in the virtual world of football simulation.
  • Real Football: The best football teams in the world today such as Belgium, France, Spain, Argentina and other teams are gathered in Real Football so you can freely choose and assemble the best tactical squad for yourself. at a Vip777 sports game. The ability to compete with people around the world in multiplayer mode ensures that the game is always the most engaging and exciting.
  • FIFA Online 4: FIFA Online 4 released by Garena has great appeal to gamers at Vip777 game portal, always bringing players the most user-friendly experiences, from passionate cheers in the stands to Lifelike images of football legends. FIFA Online 4 offers a very diverse game mode, gradually increasing from easy levels for beginners to challenging levels once you have learned the ability to make impressive passes and shots. the most delicate feet.
  1. Basketball game

  • NBA 2K series: Among the best and most played basketball games at Vip777 sports game is NBA 2K. Therefore, the series simulates famous teams and players of the NBA, the most famous league in the world (American Professional Basketball League).

In addition to owning famous players, players can also freely assemble a team of the most promising stars and compete to win the championship. You’ll get a lifelike experience with the orange ball in this game, which also allows players to “perform” impressive dribbling, shooting, and intuitive shooting maneuvers.

  • Freestyle 2: Street Basketball: One of the “super hot” free basketball games among hoops fans is Freestyle 2: Street Basketball, released in 2015. Because the game is played online, participants will feel like they are competing against “high caliber” individuals from around the world while also being validated in their own abilities.

NBA Playgrounds: The special 3D visuals of NBA Playgrounds at Vip777 sports game immerse players in a lifelike animated environment where 3D basketball players battle on vast beaches or outdoor basketball courts . You will be able to control your team and participate in online battles with other players, which will help you increase your knowledge and proficiency in this sport.

  1. Horse racing game

Horse Racing: Before participating in the most famous events, you can hone some essential abilities in horse racing. Players need to gain a lot of knowledge if they want to advance and win races.

Horse racing game
Horse racing game

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the abilities of the horses you choose to ride so you can guide them correctly throughout the race to achieve the best results. Second, speed is something you should constantly pay attention to. If the horse moves too fast, its stamina will quickly run out, which will make winning difficult. Finally, you need to be proficient in dodging or overcoming obstacles. You will definitely hold the championship position once you have mastered everything.

Horse Racing & Betting Game: At vip777 sports games you will feel extremely excited about exciting races with Horse Racing & Betting Games. To win and get more coins, you must skillfully defeat your opponents. You must bet a certain amount for each round. Fight your way to become the champion and amass a huge fortune! Players are attracted by the stunning visuals, realistic sounds and stunning visuals of Horse Racing & Betting. In particular, each race is scored by a strict jury.

In addition, there are many other VIP sports games that you can experience and try. Don’t hesitate, visit the website now

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