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VIP777 – Betting paradise is the destination for the most diverse and attractive game lineup on the market to date. This game portal has introduced many top betting games, attractive and new card playing playgrounds. If you are a fan of card games, you cannot miss it VIP777 card game. Let’s find out now!

Learn about card games

For those who love online betting games, card games are a factor that has quickly attracted attention. Although it is only a part of the online entertainment sector, card games bring a special attraction and unique advantages. Currently, the VIP777 card game is making a name for itself in the card game market, making it impossible for players not to pay attention.

Learn about card games
Learn about card games

The card game originated from Macau, a place famous for its casinos worldwide. When participating in the card game, players will discover many unique features of this reward game.

Types of Vip777 card games

Choosing a game portal is often based on the games it offers, and this is an important factor that gamers are always interested in. The diversity and appeal of VIP777 card games have attracted a large number of players. Below are some unique VIP777 card games that the game portal offers:

Types of Vip777 card games
Types of Vip777 card games

Head to the South

Tien Len Nam is a popular game and is loved by many players. In this game at VIP777 card game, players can participate in groups or compete 1 vs 1. This is a highly tactical game, requiring players to have the ability to reason, calculate and judge. Guess well to win.

Go North

Playing the Northern Tien Len card game is one of the popular folk games in Vietnam, and to win, players need skill and strategy in each game, along with experience accumulated through each match.

The game rules of Northern Tien Len are more strictly regulated than other games such as Southern Tien Len. To create military, pair or combination decks, players need to own cards of the same value and color (also known as the same suit).

A special thing in the rules of Tien Len Mien Bac in VIP777 card game in particular and the way of playing in general is that you cannot end a game with a 2 card (also known as a 2 unit). This means that once you have run out of cards in your hand, you cannot play card 2 as the last card in the game.


Blackjack, also known as Blackjack, is one of the most popular games loved by many people, on par with games such as Lit and Tien Tien. This game uses a deck of 52 cards and allows 4 to 5 players to participate. Like other betting games, in blackjack, players can bet the desired amount.

Each player will be dealt two cards initially or may receive an additional card later, and they will compare scores with the dealer. If they win, the player will receive a bonus, but if they lose, they will lose the amount they bet. In each blackjack game of the VIP777 card game, the player needs to reach the total score of the cards without exceeding 21 points, and as close to 21 points as possible.


The game of ta la is a digital version of the traditional game of ta la (phom), which has existed for a long time in the community, often enjoyed at meetings, holidays or exchange events.

In the card game VIP777, a deck of 52 cards is also used but is automatically generated from the system, with a maximum capacity of 4 players. Each participant will be dealt 9 cards, and the dealer or previous winner will have the right to own 10 cards and play first.

The game takes place clockwise, the player will play a card to the next person in each turn. If that person can combine the card with another card to form a phom, they can “take” and play an unnecessary card. If they cannot win, they will continue to draw cards to continue the next player’s turn. The game ends when someone “buzzes” or when each player has played down 4 cards. In case there is no “buzzer”, the result is determined based on the scores of the cards that do not constitute phom.

Lesson 3 cards

The 3-card game at VIP777 card game allows players to participate directly from mobile phones or on the website. This allows players to easily experience the game anytime, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection via computer or mobile phone.

The 3-card card game is commonly played in both the North and the South

The 3-card game is a popular folk game from the Northern region of Vietnam. This game uses a deck of 52 cards, but only uses 36 of them. Cards 10 – J – Q – K will be discarded. The number of players in each game can be from 2 to 8 people.

In each game, each player is dealt a maximum of 3 cards. The person with the highest score after flipping the cards wins. In case of equal scores, priority will be given according to the suit of the card. In the 3-card game rules, “Diamonds” is considered the largest suit, while “Spades” is the smallest suit.

Things to note when playing Vip777 card game

When participating in prize-winning card games on VIP777, the thing to remember is to be alert and alert. Here are some important things to keep in mind so you can experience the game safely and enjoyably.

Things to note when playing Vip777 card game
Things to note when playing Vip777 card game
  • Choose the right game: VIP777 offers many card games with prizes. Choose a game that suits your abilities and interests so you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about facing strong opponents.
  • Budget management: Determine the amount of money you will use to play and adhere to the principle of not exceeding the set limit. This helps you avoid losing control and money.
  • Understand the rules of the game: Before participating in any game, carefully learn the rules and how to calculate points. Understanding the rules will help you make better decisions and optimize your chances of winning.
  • Strategy development: VIP777 card game not only depends on luck but also depends on strategy. Learn how to hit at the right time and create a chance to win.
  • Bonus updates: Before participating in the card game with rewards, check out the promotions and bonuses that VIP777 offers to take advantage of attractive offers.

Players need to pay attention to choosing the game that is right for them

  • Time control: Set time limits when playing card games to avoid participating too long and spending too much time in one session.
  • Enjoy the experience: Remember that the game is for entertainment, fun, and should not cause stress or anxiety.

Remember that games can make people fascinated, so play responsibly and know how to end when needed. Playing VIP777 card games can be an enjoyable entertainment experience if you follow the above notes and maintain consideration in playing.

Above is the article that we want to summarize and share with you about the card game VIP777. If you are still wondering which type of betting game to choose to participate in, try the card game at least once so you don’t miss the best opportunity to make money!Good luck and enjoy the game!

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